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Europeiskt ostron - Artbestämning från SLU Artdatabanken

Conchae praparatae. Ostrea edulis. Prepared Oyster shells. Alsophila lurida.

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· zahodnoameriška ostriga, Ostrea lurida. zahodnoatlantska murena, Gymnothorax. zalivska pokrovača, Argopecten irradians.

Ostrea lurida has an extensive hi storical and contemporaneous ra nge, maki ng it a suitable cand idate for the study of chang- ing env ironmenta l condit ions over t ime.

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Ostrea lurida oysters lie with their left valve on the substrate, where they are firmly attached. Unlike most bivalves, oysters do not have a foot in adulthood; they also lack an anterior adductor muscle and do not secrete byssal threads, like mussels do. Ostrea lurida is the only small, native oyster species normally found on our portion of the coast. It cements its left valve to a solid substrate, often a shell or rock.

musslor västkusten ätbara -

Ostrea lurida

lurida), kanske är ännu känsligare för infektionen. Shell/Ostrea edulis: Name on label: Ostrea edulis. Stobaeus, Kilian, 1690-1742 Shell/Luria lurida: Name on label: Cypraea amethistea. Stobaeus, Kilian  De platta ostron som fångas i Europa tillhör vanligen arten Ostrea edulis. Det finns även andra arter, särskilt Ostrea lurida från Nordamerikas Stillahavskust och  gigas, Ostrea lurida). Poliovirus. Stuvning, stekning, ugnsbakning, ångkokning.

Ostrea lurida

Ostrea lurida is similar to these species: Ostrea, Ostrea stentina, Crassostrea ingens and more.
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Olympia Oyster. Ostrea lurida. Olympia oysters are grown primarily in southern Puget Sound, Washington, although a couple of farms are growing them in bays   Olympia oysters (Ostrea lurida) are very small, but they have full-bodied flavor. They are often the pick for first-timers because of their size, which, even full- grown  May 20, 2014 Native oyster (Ostrea lurida) shells on the San Rafael shoreline.

Photo: Sean Greene. History.
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Ostrea lurida.